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    What Fiber Mountain’s Interop Recognition Means for Our Industry

    Posted by M. H. Raza on Apr 17, 2015 12:23:53 PM
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    When Fiber Mountain™ began its journey with a launch at Interop New York last fall, we certainly believed that we had a solution that would make a significant impact in the data center space. By engineering our Glass Core™ and Alpine Orchestration System to create connectivity virtualization and a simpler and centrally managed data plane, we were confident that we had created a more flexible, cost-effective and powerful network architecture than existed previously. 

    I must admit, however, that what has happened for our company over these past months has exceeded even my highest hopes. From the amazingly positive write-ups and reviews we have received from media and analysts, to a Best in Show Award and invitation to deliver a keynote at ITEXPO Miami this past January, the response and interest our solutions have garnered have been truly remarkable. Now, Fiber Mountain is proud to announce our selection as a finalist for Interop Las Vegas’ Best of Interop Award in the data center category.

    This award is extremely prestigious, and to be considered is truly a humbling honor for Fiber Mountain. But I also believe our inclusion as a finalist is a sign of significant and positive change in the networking industry as a whole. For years, the data center market was dominated by a single vendor that controlled more market share in the switching space than all other companies combined. 

    Recently, however, that paradigm has begun to slowly shift as network engineers are now questioning whether the incumbent data center products and architectures of yesterday can provide the necessary flexibility and capacity that hyperscale facilities will require in a future where bandwidth needs will expand exponentially. Gartner, for instance, cited concerns about Cisco’s “overlapping and conflicting set of solutions” in its networking Magic Quadrant. Such concerns amidst a time when the data center network is in transition can also be a reason to drive vendor consolidation in the industry, as we see it today.    

    There is an appetite in the networking space for new players and new approaches to network architecture, bringing innovation and benefits that may not be available from the incumbent players. This development is obviously positive for Fiber Mountain—as a startup, industry disruption is often a primary goal. But this shift is also good for the data center and networking space as whole. When one vendor dominates a sector so thoroughly, innovation is often stifled because new companies with bold ideas either lack the capital and exposure to compete meaningfully. In the end, the customers lose in this scenario, as they are left with slowly evolving technology and limited options. 

    Fortunately, the advent of SDN and the growing market acceptance for new solutions is allowing our industry to break away from the status quo and create a bright new future.

    So, as thrilled as I am that Fiber Mountain is being considered for a Best of Interop Award, I am even more excited about what is happening in our industry as a whole. Over the long-term, customers will benefit most significantly from innovation, as they will be able to enjoy greater flexibility in how they build and scale their network architectures. 

    The Fiber Mountain team can’t wait to arrive at Interop and speak with peers about our solutions and some exciting upcoming announcements that our company will be making. Additionally, I hope you will check back in on this blog for my reflections after the show. I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Las Vegas!  

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