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    Data Centers, Robotaxis & Software-Defined Tanks

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Sep 15, 2017 8:50:53 AM

    Looking at the future – and even the present – the only thing we can be sure of is change. This week’s featured articles all focus around that uncertain certainty, whether we look at data center designs or delve into the impact of software on both military activity and more general transportation.

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    Software-Defined Ethernet, Networks and… News? – News of the Week, 10/14/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Oct 14, 2016 8:14:00 AM

    Happy Friday!

    This week, I was caught off guard by a lovely little object lesson in the pervasiveness of digital transformation - as you'll see in the first article below. Software is transforming our world in ways that were only science fiction a decade ago, and in practical ways that science fiction never addressed. It’s not just software, either. Hardware has to evolve to support SDx, and the ever-increasing speeds, bandwidths and flexibility that our networks need to deliver!

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    Software-Defined, Cloud Infrastructure and ITEXPO News

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jan 15, 2016 11:40:00 AM

    News of the Week – 1-15-16

    I’m always interested to see new takes on the question of what software-defined everything means – whether you’re talking about defining the term itself, or about the impact the technology will have on all of our lives. This week brought two fun articles on the topic, as well as the final installment of The Atlantic’s “Beneath the Cloud” special report.


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    2016 - what can we expect?

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jan 4, 2016 11:50:16 AM

    Happy New Year!

    It’s Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun – and I can’t be the only one who enjoys reading predictions for the year ahead! There has been a lot of change in the technology landscape over the past year, and all signs point to 2016 being another year full of new and exciting developments.

    What’s driving so much change, so fast? In my opinion, it’s a combination of the push of customer demand – big data, video streaming and the explosion of mobile devices in business to name three – and the possibilities that new technological developments open up, such as cloud computing, SDN, NFV and new network architectures – but let’s see what the experts say:

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    2015 - Looking back at the year

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Dec 31, 2015 11:53:14 AM

    The turn of the calendar always brings a flood of both retrospectives on the year past and predictions for the year ahead. Because I love both, this week’s post is a day early – it seemed appropriate to share some interesting reviews of 2015 on the last day of the year. On Monday, you can look forward to a roundup of interesting predictions in data centers, cloud, storage and big data, to start the first week of the year off with a bang!

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