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    AI in the Data Center – News of the Week, 7/14/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jul 14, 2017 9:17:00 AM

    What does AI have to do with networks and data centers? Expanding applications of AI – from analyzing big data to automating processes – will contribute to the growing demand for data center resources. Hopefully, AI and machine learning will also contribute to the solutions, from security and efficiency to managing dynamic network infrastructures.

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    Topics: data center, Iot, AI

    Just the Fun Stuff – News of the Week, 11-25-16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Nov 25, 2016 1:03:00 PM

    To our readers in the US, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday – and to everyone, I wish you a happy Friday! In honor of the holiday, this week’s articles are my favorite “fun” shares from the week past. Read on for VMware’s recent ventures into science fiction, Google’s cunning AI linguist, and yet another surprising example of digital transformation - this time in the mining industry!

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    Topics: digital transformation, Iot, AI, GartnerDataCenter