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    The Webscale Way – News of the Week, 10/28/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Oct 28, 2016 8:27:00 AM
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    dreamstime_xl_33926198_resized.jpgWebscale companies like Google and Netflix excel at finding ways to redesign processes and networks to take advantage of their massive scale and specialized needs. They’re inspiring, but their solutions don’t translate directly to the needs – and capabilities – of enterprise organizations.

    At the same time, enterprise needs to innovate and embrace digital transformation to remain competitive, so what’s a CIO to do? This week’s articles provide a few different angles on the problem, and on possible solutions.

    Why Google’s Network Needs Five Controllers 

    SDxCentral | Let’s start with the inspiring. Craig Matsumoto reports on Vijoy Pandey’s recent keynote presentation explaining the five interdependent control systems Google uses to keep their massive network running so seamlessly. With two intra-data center controllers and three wide-area network related controllers, it’s a complex system which stretches the boundaries of possibility. But at the same time, it’s hard to see a large enterprise like a bank or an airline having the dedicated resources and expertise to do the same!

    Bringing Web Scale and Velocity to the Enterprise 

    DZone | Jason Bloomberg addresses this problem head-on, in the context of the Delivery of Things World conference which featured speakers from both web scale companies and large enterprise. He argues that rather than looking to the web scales for what to add to your organization, it is more useful to look at what to subtract. Which people, processes, technology and ideas are holding back your digital transformation?

    6 Small Steps to Digital Transformation 

    InfoWorld | Eric Knorr elaborates on the “Deep Dive” document he and Dan Tynan published recently with this set of six steps to take in initiating digital transformation. Assuming you have not yet implemented digital transformation processes, how do you start? First, sell the real potential in your organization, not the inspirational vision from the webscales. I’ll let you click through to read the rest in the author’s own words!

    From retail to livestock, digital transformation is affecting every industry, not just “tech” companies. Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core is one piece of the puzzle – enabling enterprise to add unprecedented flexibility to the physical layer.

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