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    The Virtuous Cycle of Digital Transformation – News of the Week, 4/14/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Apr 14, 2017 10:29:53 AM
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    dreamstime_xxl_69082903_crop300.jpgHave you heard the phrase “virtuous cycle” before? It’s like a vicious cycle, but rather than each iteration of the cycle making things worse, each iteration provides a strong base for the next one to be even better. Likewise, different moving parts within a system (such as your company) start working together in a way that both builds on and builds up the strength, agility and capabilities of the other parts, and of the system as a whole. You might already see where I’m going with this – digital transformation done well can become a virtuous cycle that drives your company’s ongoing innovation.

    A Prescription for Organizations Taking on Digital Transformation 

    CIO from IDG | Adeel Omer's article is what got me thinking about the connection between Digital Transformation and Virtuous Cycles. He identifies three competencies for companies to develop: a software-development culture, relevant IoT instrumentation, and a focus on developing actionable insights using data analytics in real time. Over time, each of these competencies can contribute to strengthening the other two in what he calls “The Virtuous Cycle of Continuous Innovation.”

    Collaboration Ferments Digital Transformation at Rémy Cointreau 

    Diginomica | In 300 years, liquor group Rémy Cointreau has been through a lot of changes. Phil Wainwright describes the latest transition – an embrace of the opportunities offered by digital transformation. Among other advantages, they can connect more directly with the consumer than ever before with digital interactions, even though they have to sell their product through retailers. From better customer engagement to faster time to market in new locations, they are reaping the benefits of their own virtuous cycle of transformation.

    Gap Weaves a Global SD-WAN Strategy 

    SDxCentral | Michael Vizard shares the latest technology news from Gap – yes, the clothing company! Their network architect, Shehal Patel, was speaking at the WAN Summit and shared some of the key components of their SD-WAN strategy for networking every store and branch office with “zero-touch provisioning.” He also emphasized the importance of training their operations teams early in the implementation process. This is why I can’t agree completely with the three competencies identified in the first article above – while all three are important, it is also essential to keep the whole team pulling together. Even people who may seem to have little to do with digital transformation at first glance can be a vital part of keeping the virtuous cycle going.

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