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    Taking a ‘Green’ View of Fiber Mountain

    Posted by M. H. Raza on Jan 5, 2015 10:41:17 AM
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    Green Data CentersAs I have said from the outset on this blog, our revolutionary Glass Core™ network design solves a number of problems for contemporary data centers, like the growing complexity of 3-tier architectures and exploding costs. The Fiber Mountain™ approach to network design—combining centralized packet switching SDN control with intelligent fiber cables to achieve what we call connectivity virtualization—allows data centers to break the cycle of regularly expanding their networks by deploying fire-breathing aggregation and core switches.

    When you eliminate the need for such hardware, you also increase efficiency—as packets traversing the network have fewer packet processing hops to make—and lower CAPEX and OPEX by:

    • Reducing the space needed to house network equipment
    • Decreasing heating and cooling costs for hardware
    • Slashing total power needed to run hardware
    • Limiting latency inside the network

    But creating a more efficient, less power-hungry network with Fiber Mountain’s solutions has value far beyond improving financial well being for individual data centers; it is also beneficial for the planet. Consider that a recent study by the NRDC found that data centers in the U.S. consume enough energy annually to power every household in New York City for two years. Put a different way, every year American data centers use power equivalent to the annual output of 34 large coal-fired power plants.

    As bandwidth needs continue to grow and data centers are forced to add capacity, these statistics will only become more startling unless we make significant changes. Simply buying larger and more expensive switches from incumbent vendors is unsustainable from a financial and environmental perspective. That is why the team here at Fiber Mountain believes connectivity virtualization is the logical next step in network evolution.

    As a veteran in the technology field and an entrepreneur myself, I understand that data centers are likely to adopt our solutions because they can increase capacity and reduce cost all at once—that makes good business sense. Still, getting a little “greener” in the process will be a nice bonus.

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