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    Software-Defining Our Data Centers - News of the Week, 9/16/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Sep 16, 2016 10:40:54 AM
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    Find me on: transformation is a big topic, whether you look at how many different elements are involved in the process, or at how many business leaders think it’s important. Data center infrastructure is one of the elements that is near and dear to my heart, and the latest buzzword to explode is “software-defined data center” (SDDC). Like software-defined networking (SDN), just about anyone you talk to has their own definition of what it entails, but that hasn’t stopped SDN from having a major impact on IT across industry verticals.

    While the term was originally coined by VMWare, I now see it popping up in a wide range of articles and discussions, as a way of approaching the question: “How do you structure your data center to enable rapid change, on a massive scale, whenever your business needs call for it?”

    Software-Defined Data Centers Can Offer Agencies Savings, Flexibility 

    FedTech | Phil Goldstein discusses both the potential and the challenges of implementing SDDC for federal agencies. While server virtualization is already delivering efficiency and savings to some agencies, like the EPA, others have yet to modernize. The new Data Center Optimization Initiative mandates an increase in the use of virtualization, which is likely to drive development of more comprehensive data center solutions.

    The Software-Defined Data Center: What’s Real and What’s Not 

    Techopedia | It’s not just federal agencies that face challenges in the adoption of new technologies. Arthur Cole digs into what the software-defined data center of today looks like, and how that differs from the ideal. He argues that the key stumbling block is the automation and orchestration layer – which is where I see Fiber Mountain's Glass Core bridging the gap.

    Why Evernote is Giving up on its Data Centers for Google Cloud 

    Fortune | While one option is to wrestle directly with the question of how to software-define a data center, the explosion of the cloud means that organizations can also choose to let someone else worry about it. Barb Darrow reports that Evernote has chosen to put their trust in Google Cloud Platform. They plan to be done moving user data over by the end of the year – approximately 3.5 petabytes worth!

    Software-defined everything seems to be the key technological component of digital transformation. Everyone is looking for ways to enact change faster, at greater scale, and with more visibility and control than they can achieve with old, largely manual approaches. Fiber Mountain’s piece of the puzzle is the Glass Core – an approach to data center hardware and software that brings the physical infrastructure of the data center into the software-defined world.

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