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    Software-defined hits the real world - News of the Week, 6/17/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jun 17, 2016 9:00:00 AM
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    Find me on: and the plethora of other Software-Defined solutions have been making news for quite some time, but in terms of real-world applications you're probably used to seeing them in test-labs or non-critical systems, if at all. That's changing, however, and fast! This week's articles reflect on the changing landscape of production data centers - and data center jobs.

    The software-defined data center goes mainstream 

    BetaNews | Ian Barker reports on a survey showing that “many areas of operation including mission critical systems are now moving to a virtualized delivery model.” What does the growth in virtualization mean? Primarily, it implies that the challenges of software-defined everything are being met, and well enough that it will soon be more unusual not to take advantage of the benefits virtualization offers.

    Gartner tips virtual data centers as future 

    Network World | Patrick Nelson shares new analyst projections which indicate that “IaaS, cloud and HCIS might just be the beginning of an enterprise data center revolution” – in case you’re unfamiliar with those two acronyms sandwiching cloud, that’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Hyper-converged Integrated Systems. 

    Bonus link: an infographic from Simplivity on how hyperconverged infrastructure solves data center challenges. 

    SDN will change your job, not kill it: Level 3 

    Telecom Asia | In case all this talk of data center changes making it into the mainstream has you worried about future employment prospects, John Tanner has some thoughts to share from Adam Saenger of Level 3 Communications: “The hardest part of SDN overall was the people effect, in having the organization understand that automation does not automatically mean cost-efficiency from a headcount standpoint,” he says. “What it does mean is a change in jobs, a change in function.”

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