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    Software-Defined Ethernet, Networks and… News? – News of the Week, 10/14/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Oct 14, 2016 8:14:00 AM
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    This week, I was caught off guard by a lovely little object lesson in the pervasiveness of digital transformation - as you'll see in the first article below. Software is transforming our world in ways that were only science fiction a decade ago, and in practical ways that science fiction never addressed. It’s not just software, either. Hardware has to evolve to support SDx, and the ever-increasing speeds, bandwidths and flexibility that our networks need to deliver!

    Digital Transformation of the News 

    The Economic Times | The actual title of the linked article is “Digital Transformation helps firms to target new markets, business models” I found it to be well written and interesting – and it wasn’t until I went looking for the author’s name in order to share the article on social media that I realized that, as the footnote says, “This story has not been edited by and is auto–generated from a syndicated feed we subscribe to.” The story itself is certainly worth a read, but it’s also an object lesson in how pervasive digital transformation already is!

    Software-Defined Networking Puts Network Managers in the Driver’s Seat 

    BizTech | John Edwards discusses the growing influence of SDN on real-world networks, and the advantages of implementing it. Piece by piece, the network is becoming easier to observe and control via software, from a single pane of glass.

    Ethernet Flexes Network Muscles 

    EE Times | Rick Merritt reports on the ongoing development of Flexible Ethernet, a technology designed to enable chips that can dial in different data rates as needed. He identifies several problems that this technology is intended to solve, including how to “future proof” our networks for new data rates when we don’t know what they will be. According to one of the quotes in the article, “Flex Ethernet is link aggregation done right.”

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