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    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jan 15, 2016 11:40:00 AM
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    I’m always interested to see new takes on the question of what software-defined everything means – whether you’re talking about defining the term itself, or about the impact the technology will have on all of our lives. This week brought two fun articles on the topic, as well as the final installment of The Atlantic’s “Beneath the Cloud” special report.


    The Register guide to software-defined infrastructure

    The Register | Is “software-defined” just a buzzword? Trevor Pott shares his view, cutting through the “fluff” with insightful – and often amusing – commentary. Like this: “When you strip all of the blither, marketing speak, infighting, politics, lies, damned lies and the pestilent reek of desperation away what you have is Amazon envy. "Software-defined" means nothing more than "be as good as – or better than – Amazon at making the lives of developers easy".”

    The Growing Demand for Software-Defined Everything

    Baseline | Bob Violino has another take on software-defined everything, this one a little less tongue-in-cheek and more focused on the real benefits that “software-defined” offers, even if the exact definition of what that is still tends to vary from vendor to vendor. “The potential benefits of software-defined IT components are compelling. They include greater automation; faster provisioning of IT resources; decreased hardware costs; faster time to implementation; and more efficient use of storage, networking and computing."

    Why Amazon's Data Centers Are Hidden in Spook Country

    The Atlantic | I’ve enjoyed several of the articles along the way, so I had to share Ingrid Burrington’s final installment of her cross-country journey to "see the cloud" – or rather, the physical and historical underpinnings of what we know as the cloud today. It sounds like seeking out the data centers that drive AWS in northern Virginia was both challenging and a little creepy: "If driving across America in search of the Internet has taught me anything, it’s that the suburban sprawl of northern Virginia (and Silicon Valley, north Utah, eastern Kansas, and central Iowa) looks exactly like the Internet as we live with it today: it looks like a landscape in equal measure blandly sinister and weirdly poetic"

    Fiber Mountain at ITEXPO East!

    Finally, if you didn’t see Bill’s post earlier this week, I’d like to let everyone know that Fiber Mountain will be exhibiting at ITEXPO next week in Booth #316. If you’re planning to attend, or if you’re in the Ft. Lauderdale area and would like to see our demonstration, please stop by!


    Join us at ITEXPO Fort Lauderdale, FL 2/8-2/10  Booth #207

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