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    SDDC Ecosystem Evolution - News of the Week, 9/1/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Sep 1, 2017 9:07:00 AM
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    dreamstime_m_18168101.jpgCurating industry news to share on Fiber Mountain’s social media accounts provides an interesting insight into the ebb and flow of trends. “Digital Transformation,” for instance, first started gaining ground about two years ago and now it’s everywhere. “SDN” has been fading this year, surpassed by an assortment of other “software-defined” offerings.

    And now, I’m noticing “Software-Defined Data Center” (SDDC) popping up in unexpected places, as more and more vendors try to find (or create) a role for themselves in the delivery of more dynamic and agile networks.

    CenturyLink Enhances VMware-Based DCC Platform, Touts Software-Defined Data Center Approach 

    Fierce Telecom | As witness to this trend, one of our most popular tweets this week was this article by Sean Buckley. He discusses CenturyLink’s new SDDC approach, using VMware to enhance their customers’ migrations from on-premise to managed cloud and colocation architectures. In today’s colocation ecosystem, the agility and resilience offered by SDDC solutions offer a solid competitive advantage. The providers offering them are ahead of the curve for now, but It won’t be long before enterprise users will start to require dynamic networks as an essential component of the basic package, much like space, power and connectivity.

    Microsoft Rolls its own Hyperconverged Appliance Program 

    The Register | Simon Sharwood’s article on Microsoft’s new “Windows Server Software-Defined” program positions it solidly within the SDDC ecosystem. He discusses how the new “validated solutions” from approved hardware partners will make it easier for customers to use Windows Server for compute virtualization, network virtualization and software-defined storage – all three of which are necessary components of a software defined data center.

    Four Providers’ Houston Data Centers Online, but Access Roads Flooded 

    Data Center Knowledge | Yevgeniy Sverdlik was one of the first to report on the state of Houston’s colocation data centers, after Hurricane Harvey’s initial landfall and deluge. The continued rain and flooding in the aftermath reminds us that one data center isn’t enough for disaster planning, software-defined or not. For greater resilience, we need the capacity to move critical workloads and data storage between geographically diverse locations. The data centers in Houston are still up and running as far as I know, but anyone whose only colocation space is there must be sweating bullets this week!

    Fiber Mountain’s piece of the SDDC puzzle lies in adding software control and visibility to the physical layer connectivity and infrastructure that forms the bedrock of the network. Check out our recent webinar, Managed & Dynamic Connectivity in the Physical Network, to learn more! 

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