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    Responsibility in the Cloud - News of the Week, 7/21/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jul 21, 2017 8:14:37 AM
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    dreamstime_sm_crop_29030117.jpgNew technologies are often exciting, and I love exploring their potential for improving both lives and profit margins. There’s another side to that potential, however – as Spiderman teaches us, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

    Whether it’s the potential for easy-to-implement as-a-Service offerings to lock companies in for the long term, the potential for social networks to shape the standards of public interaction, or the potential for great computing power to render old security methods ineffective, we can’t afford to ignore the need to be aware of and manage the impact of the innovations going on around us.

    The Changing ‘As-A-Service’ Model 

    Virtualization & Cloud Review | Trevor Pott discusses the proliferation of “as a service” products, putting it in the context of tech’s oscillation between vertically integrated stacks and open vendor ecosystems. He also makes the argument that no matter how easy it is to purchase something like AWS capacity, it is difficult enough to move away from those “aaS” pieces of your stack once they’re implemented that each purchase is still a strategic decision – or should be. Even “easy” decisions can have lasting consequences.

    Facebook Now Has 2 Billion Monthly Users… and Responsibility 

    TechCrunch | Josh Constine takes a look at the consequences attached to running a social application with two billion users, and the unforeseen responsibility that rests on Facebook’s virtual shoulders. It’s starting to become clear that social platforms can have a big influence on their users, from technical decisions such as how to order a newsfeed or what new services to develop, to more subjective social questions like how (and how much) to combat harassment and misinformation.

    Quantum Computing Could Make Today’s Encryption Obsolete 

    Data Center Knowledge | Maria Korolov kicks off Data Center Knowledge’s new series on data center security with an examination of the potential of quantum computers – and some of the likely consequences. While she doesn’t make predictions about when quantum computers will reach the level of computing power needed to blow away any current method of encryption, she does discuss what that would take, where the state of the art is now, and what companies can do today to prepare for the security challenges to come.

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