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    Reality, Virtual and Otherwise - News of the Week, 1/13/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jan 13, 2017 6:15:00 AM
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    dreamstime_xl_40497182_resized.jpgTowards the end of every week, I open up all of the articles we’ve shared on social media recently to look for interesting themes and through-lines to share with you in the weekly roundup. This week, the one that jumped out at me was the potential for virtual and augmented reality to finally start hitting the mainstream – and what that’s going to mean for our network infrastructures.

    Delivering on the Promise of Virtual Reality 

    Data Center Frontier | Rich Miller discusses the likely impact of VR and its close relative AR on infrastructure. Part of that will mean moving past the current technical limits of network speed and capacity (think 400G, rather than 100G), but it’s also going to involve moving data centers to the edge everywhere, not just in major population hubs.

    Micro Data Centers: Keys to a Connected Enterprise 

    IT Business Edge | Arthur Cole discusses just what “moving data centers to the edge” is likely to involve, describing the rise of the micro data center model. After a general summary, he shares descriptions of some of the technical solutions currently available from vendors like HPE, Vapor IO and Dell.

    A Lesson from Network Outages: Redundancy Matters 

    InfoWorld | Meanwhile, Fahmida Y. Rashid reminds us that even with cutting edge technology – or perhaps more than ever because of it – redundancy is a key tool in the challenge of providing optimal uptime. We don’t just need speed and capacity to realize the potential of VR and other advances – we need resilient networks too.

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