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    Power Plants, Wedding Dresses & Digital Transformation – News of the week, 9/9/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Sep 9, 2016 10:15:05 AM
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    Unsplash_RosanHarmens_MadridIowa_crop.jpgI focus a lot on data centers and networks and the IT pros who work directly with them, but the reason digital transformation is such a pervasive topic is that it is applicable to literally every kind of business.

    My first two articles today look at Tacoma Power and David’s Bridal – not names you would usually expect to see featured in a data center and networking news roundup! And yet, these two stories illustrate the point of digital transformation – that a successful implementation means the entire organization benefits from improved agility, resilience and efficiency.

    Virtualization Reduces Costs, Risk for Power Company 

    Automation World | Aaron Hand shares the story from Tacoma Power, where the automation team used virtualization to transform the network of industrial control systems for 23 hydroelectric generators, nine unmanned hydro facilities, four fish hatcheries and three fish collection facilities. This process reduced dependence on physical hardware, made disaster recovery both simpler and faster, and made it easy to test and implement ongoing improvements.

    David’s Bridal Modernizes its Network 

    Retail Info Systems News | RIS reports on how David’s Bridal worked with Cradlepoint to transform the network supporting their retail stores, introducing central management of connectivity, simplified transitions to new carriers, and real-time visibility into each location’s data usage, to support the increased bandwidth needs introduced by VOIP and other applications.

    Two-thirds of Businesses See Digital Transformation Looming

    Tech Republic | Alison DeNisco discusses a new study from Harvard Business Review and Genpac titled “Accelerating the Pace and Impact of Digital Transformation”, a follow up to their previous “What is holding back the digital revolution?” They offer a variety of statistics, but wrap it all up with three key takeaways:

    • Lots of companies see the importance of digital transformation but have no plan
    • The biggest roadblocks are inability to experiment quickly, change management, risk aversion and departmental silos
    • The companies leading the way are showing the real earnings and growth advantages that can be achieved

    What's my key takeaway? Digital transformation is real, and the companies that embrace it are gaining a huge competitive advantage.

    Which is not to say that it’s easy! There are a wide range of different obstacles on the path to digital transformation, one of which is the inflexibility of legacy infrastructure – which is where Fiber Mountain comes in. If you’re looking for ways to test new technologies more efficiently, or increase the agility of your infrastructure at the physical level, take a look at our OPX and Layer 1 SDN solutions.

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