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    NFV or SDNF? News of the Week - 1/27/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jan 27, 2017 6:39:00 AM
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    250x250.jpgAlmost a year ago, Bill Miller posted here wondering whether the term “SDN” would endure the way “Ethernet” has, or fade into background invisibility like Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). At the time, it seemed that the term NFV was both more clearly defined and more generally accepted than SDN, but the first article in this week’s roundup actually suggests phasing it out, in favor of a new acronym: SDNF.

    Whether the “V” loses its top billing or not, though, it’s a sure bet that virtualization will continue to play a major role in our evolving technology landscape!

    Let’s Drop ‘Virtualization’ from NFV 

    TelecomTV | As I mentioned in the intro, Ian Scales presents an interesting argument, based on a discussion with Tord Nilsson of Dell EMC. In essence, he says that ‘virtualization’ is an essential component of advancing innovation in telecom networks – but it’s a tool, not a goal. While I’m on board with that idea, I’m not sure that renaming “Network Function Virtualization” as “Software Defined Network Functions” is really an improvement. What do you think?

    The Need for Speed in the Data Center 

    Novus Light | Adam Carter of Oclaro contributed this piece on the future of network speeds to Novus Light, and it makes for an inspiring read. His message is a familiar one here at Fiber Mountain. In essence, new network architectures built around optical components are going to be required in order to achieve speeds of 40G, 100G, and eventually 400G or more.

    Video: Time Lapse Untangling of a Data Center Rack



    Cabling Installation & Maintenance | No matter how much of the network we virtualize, the physical structures remain. This video is a great reminder of the fact that as network speeds and functions explode, the physical infrastructure becomes more difficult than ever to manage. That’s why the introduction of software-managed fiber connections is so important!

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