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    Networks On Land, at Sea & in the Cloud - News of the Week, 8/4/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Aug 4, 2017 11:58:28 AM
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    bmgos9wrnhu-hugo-villegas_1200crop2_squaredetail.jpgThe pace of change in technology is accelerating, opening up new opportunities for both efficiency and efficacy. It’s a challenge - evaluating and implementing new technologies takes a combination of time, resources and in-depth understanding of present and evolving needs.

    It will take time for larger organizations to implement tools like SDN and dynamic infrastructures – especially government organizations weighted down by regulations written to address now-outdated technologies and best-practices. Fortunately, there are also a growing number of examples available to lead the way - making potential benefits clear and giving insight into the situational pros and cons of different options. 

    Software-Defined Network Needed Sooner Rather Than Later 

    The Cyber Edge | George I. Seffers shares views from Lt. Gen. Robert Ferrell, USA (Ret.), the recently retired Army CIO/G-6. He discusses why owning every piece of hardware is no longer necessary, and goes into detail on why the many benefits of moving to a software-defined environment outweigh the difficulties involved in doing so. The US Army has already come a long way, consolidating from 1500 to 680 data centers and improving mobile capabilities – but none of that reduces the urgency of continuing to evolve! Among other things, the more agile their network becomes, the more swiftly they will be able to adopt and adapt to new opportunities and threats.

    Data Centers at Sea 

    Virtualization & Cloud Review | You might not consider cruise ships at sea to be a natural environment for data center network innovation, but Dan Kusnetzky shows us how wrong that assumption would be. The article focuses on DataCore’s implementation of software defined storage for this 6-ship fleet. With different data center configurations used on each ship, managing the complexity of providing a high-availability network at sea requires a combination of virtualization solutions, including VMware, Veeam and other tools.

    DreamWorks Animation gets a Hollywood-Style Digital Transformation 

    TechRepublic | While the title suggests “a” singular digital transformation, I was happy to see that the project Teena Maddox is reporting on was part of an ongoing process of testing and implementing improvements to their technology infrastructure. She and the people she spoke with at DreamWorks make it clear that no matter how advanced an organization’s technology is, their networks and infrastructure will soon become archaic if they don’t have processes and people in place to keep making improvements!

    The project described in this article is still impressive – providing a new level of robust wireless connectivity for the entirety of two campuses. More importantly, however, the DreamWorks technology team provides a great example of how to meet and anticipate the organization’s needs with ongoing digital transformation.

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