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    Network Infrastructure and Digital Transformation – News of the Week, 9-2-16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Sep 2, 2016 11:01:49 AM
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    Find me on: Transformation. The concept isn’t new, but it’s gaining traction in the news I read because network infrastructure is at the core of any digital transformation initiative.

    From data centers, to cloud services, to retail points of presence, the drive to take advantage of higher bandwidths, big data, deep learning, SDN and virtualization technologies is pushing companies to develop a wide range of ways to overcome the bottleneck of legacy network infrastructures.

    Change is inevitable. How is your organization preparing for the new competitive landscape?

    Networking’s Ugly Truth | Tim Allen touches on the legacy network problem, referencing IDC research about the ways companies are struggling to meet increased bandwidth requirements and scalability to meet future demands with speed, agility and resilience. The statistic that stood out the most for me was “By 2017, 60% of DX initiatives will not be able to scale because of lack of strategic architecture.”

    Aligning the Organization for its Digital Future 

    Deloitte University Press | Several researchers contributed to this article on digital transformation. It’s an excellent in-depth read, but I’ll share my key takeaway here: while 87% of respondents said that they expect their industries to be disrupted by digital trends, only 44% said that their organizations were adequately preparing for the coming disruptions.

    I think this is a great illustration of how difficult the digital transformation process is. Business leaders are aware of the coming challenges, but factors like uncertainty and internal resistance to change have to be overcome. This is in addition to the purely technical challenges of choosing the right technology to implement! Click through on the title to read the whole report, or click here for the summary infographic

    Meet Project Storm 

    SiliconAngle | Robert Hof shares details from Facebook’s Jay Parikh on their “Project Storm” approach to resilience and disaster recovery, where they actually take entire data centers out of the network to test the company’s ability to deliver uninterrupted service. What does this have to do with digital transformation? Everything, because if a company transitions all of their critical processes to digital, they need to establish digital means to cope with unforeseen circumstances like hurricane flooding, tornadoes, or even a fire in the data center.  

    What are your biggest challenges when it comes to digital transformation? Is your network infrastructure ready to support the new applications you need and all the bandwidth they will demand? Share in the comments below, or contact Fiber Mountain to see how we can help with making your data center network more dynamic. 

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