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    Just the Fun Stuff – News of the Week, 11-25-16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Nov 25, 2016 1:03:00 PM
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    The cow says: Happy Turkey Day!To our readers in the US, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday – and to everyone, I wish you a happy Friday! In honor of the holiday, this week’s articles are my favorite “fun” shares from the week past. Read on for VMware’s recent ventures into science fiction, Google’s cunning AI linguist, and yet another surprising example of digital transformation - this time in the mining industry!

    VMware Turns to Sci-Fi Writers to Explain Virtualization 

    ZDNet | Stephanie Condon reports on VMware’s latest approach to getting their message across to old-school executives. They’re working with the agency SciFutures to leverage popular media – science fiction movies specifically – to communicate in a more engaging way about their products and services. The resulting series of podcasts are well worth a listen, especially on a long holiday weekend.

    Google’s AI can Translate Languages it’s Never Learned 

    9TO5Google | Ben Lovejoy has some interesting comments on a couple of recent announcements from Google. The part I found most interesting was the discussion of the AI behind Google Translate. Rather than a separate system for each language pair, there is now one system behind all of the translations, and it has shown that it can actually translate between two languages that it has not specifically been taught to relate. The best part? Even the programmers don’t know exactly how the AI does what it does!

    Next Generation of Mines Will Incorporate Advanced Communications and the Industrial IOT 

    3BL Media | If you’ve been following these updates for a while, you know that I love unexpected examples of digital transformation in the real world. The latest is this announcement from the Black & Veatch newsroom about technological innovation in the mining industry. Providing improved safety, operational efficiencies and performance, the Industrial Internet of Things is going to be a key part of the next generation of mining.

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