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    Is the Future of Data Centers Software Defined, Underwater & Voice Controlled? - News of the Week, 2/24/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Feb 24, 2017 6:57:00 AM
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    dreamstime_sm_crop_29030117.jpgHappy Friday! I'll start with our own news: this week, Fiber Mountain published a Cisco-approved press release on the LS-2520 QSFP breakout solution for their NCS 1002 unit. Sushin Suresan (Cisco Product Manager) says "The Fiber Mountain team has created the a great companion to the NCS 1002 that simplifies operations for break-out applications and Cisco is enthusiastic about early customer feedback."

    Moving on to industry news, is it just me, or is everyone looking at the future of data center design lately? Read on for more on SDDC, the latest from Microsoft's Project Natick team, and the potential for voice-controlled data center provisioning. (Alexa, I'd like a new VM!)

    Do Software-Defined Data Centers Pose Security Concerns? 

    Dark Reading | While software definition promises to make data centers more agile and efficient, Liviu Arsene discusses a recent survey that highlights the prevalence of security concerns. I thought it was interesting that while only 36% of C-suite execs cited security as their number one concern, a full 60% of system admins and engineers gave it top billing.

    Want an Energy-Efficient Data Center? Build it Underwater 

    IEEE Spectrum | Project Natick team members Ben Cutler, Spencer Fowers, Jeffrey Kramer and Eric Peterson go in-depth on the reasons for this counter-intuitive project. From proximity to population centers and renewable energy supplies to just-in-time data center construction, they make a convincing argument for building data centers underwater. At the same time, however, every time I mention this project, someone chimes in with a sarcastic "What could possibly go wrong?" It will certainly be interesting to see how the Project Natick team will overcome their challenges over the next few years.

    How Amazon’s Alexa Could Have Control Over Data Centers 

    Fortune | Barb Darrow ties together several recent demonstrations and presentations that hint at a voice-controlled future for data centers. It’s impressive to watch someone use Alexa to set up VMs, or Google Assistant to set up a Kubernetes cluster.

    On the "what could possibly go wrong" side - I can’t help but wonder how well this approach would work for someone whose accent isn’t fully supported by the voice recognition system – especially considering how much searching it took to find a “voice recognition fail” video that didn’t immediately devolve into swearing:



    What data center innovations have you heard about recently? Are they exciting, anxiety-inducing, or a bit of both? Let me know in the comments below!

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