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    Interop, Infrastructure and OCP - News of the Week, 3/18/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Mar 18, 2016 10:28:23 AM
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    Find me on: through the news we shared in social media this week, the underlying theme was one of changing architectures and new approaches to network infrastructure. These trends are not new, but where they were once only visible in hyperscale deployments and test labs, software defined architecture and open hardware are increasingly accessible to any business running a network. Add in the dropping cost and wide-ranging advantages of fiber-optic cable over copper, and the next couple of years are going to be very interesting!

    Building a foundation with software-defined architecture

    TechTarget | Jim O’Reilly discusses the operational benefits (moving quickly past the obvious economic benefits) of moving to an orchestration model of storage and networks, bringing them in tune with the servers that have been virtualized for years. 

    Open Compute Project: Gauging its influence in data center, cloud computing infrastructure

    ZDNet | Larry Dignan argues that “OCP’s major win is that it shifted the conversation about hardware, vendors and customers.” He says that while most companies don’t have large enough networks and data centers to adopt OCP hardware directly, the vendors they work with have moved to keep up with the most attractive aspects of OCP, making the physical components of network infrastructure more open and less prone to lock-in for small, medium and large business as well as the hyperscales.

    Beyond Speed: Design Tradeoffs with Fiber-Optic Cable

    Electronic Design | John Long encourages us to look deeper than the servers and switches and storage of OCP, to the cables and connectors between them. Speed is the obvious benefit of fiber-optics over copper, but it is far from the most significant, especially in space- and weight-sensitive applications like aerospace and defense! Price may seem like a clear disadvantage at first, but the author shows that an analysis of the full system rather than individual cables can reveal significant cost savings too. 

    Speaking of innovation in network engineering, Interop Las Vegas is less than two months away! Interop holds a special place in our hearts here:

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