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    How to Fail at Digital Transformation (and how to Succeed) – News of the week, 3/31/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Mar 31, 2017 11:16:24 AM
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    bmgos9wrnhu-hugo-villegas_1200crop2_squaredetail.jpgLast week, I asked “What’s holding digital transformation back,” and focused on the infrastructure bottlenecks that enterprise must overcome to succeed. This week, I’m taking a slightly different angle, inspired by the first featured article below. Resistance to change within the organization and infrastructure is one problem – avoiding shooting yourself in the foot is another!

    What Absolutely Won’t Work When it Comes to Digital Transformation 

    The Enterprisers Project | In spite of the title, Minda Zetlin’s interview with Justin Mennen of CompuCom is overall very hopeful, with actionable advice on how to keep the digital transformation process on course. He emphasizes the importance of an integrated overall vision and company-wide communication throughout the process. It’s worth clicking through to read in full, but I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. What “absolutely won’t work” is thinking you can pull off digital transformation alone!

    Southwest Airlines’ Digital Transformation Takes Off 

    Fast Company | Neal Ungerleider reports on Southwest Airlines’ ongoing digital transformation, which is currently rolling out the OpsSuite technology designed to replace the complex system of phone calls, fax machines and outdated computers that had been the mainstay of their front-line communications. Because airlines are in operation 24/7/365, the technical aspects of such a rollout can be likened to “a simultaneous heart transplant, brain transplant, and face-lift.”

    Beyond that, however, are all of the people who need to adjust their processes and routines to make use of the new technology. Without their willing participation, this transformation would never get off the ground, and so rolling changes out to their employees is a key component of Southwest’s strategy.

    Digital Transformation with Accenture Digital 

    ZDNet | Michael Krigsman’s video interview with Mike Sutcliff of Accenture Digital is like a mini course in digital transformation. The excerpted transcript below also covers several key elements, like the questions a company asks when they’re ready to really execute on digital transformation. One theme that is present in every part of the discussion is the repetition of the message above: trying to go it alone is a sure path to failure.

    For more on this topic, be sure to check out Part 4 of the Digital Transformation Road Trip: Silo-Busting for a More Agile Organization

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