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    How to deploy SDN (whatever it is) - News of the Week, 3/4/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Mar 4, 2016 3:02:35 PM
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    NetworkInnovator-Network-290x300-searchNetworking-Logo_2.jpgHappy Friday!

    Our big news this week was Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core architecture being awarded a Network Innovation Award by the editors of TechTarget Inc.’s Networking Media Group! Read all about why Glass Core stands out from the crowd here: Fiber Mountain Glass Core embraces Layer 1 devices, software.

    In other news, I’d like to feature three articles that come at the question of how to implement SDN from different angles.

    Networking: Best-of-Breed Vs. Single Vendor

    Network Computing | Andrew Froehlich presents eight factors to consider in selecting a mix of “best-of-breed” solutions for your network or going with a single vendor for everything. It’s a very good slide show, but I would add that evaluating multiple vendors gives a network owner more flexibility for adapting to changing needs and opportunities.

    5 steps to a software defined network

    Network World | Framed by a discussion with his client Avaya, Zeus Kerravala presents five steps to take to effectively deploy a software defined network in your organization. And whether you eventually settle on a single vendor or multi-vendor solution, he encourages everyone to evaluate two or three alternate vendors in addition to the incumbent while planning a new deployment.

    Must-Have Capabilities to Demand in SDN for Improved Efficiency and Operations

    Transforming Network Infrastructure | Susan J Campbell describes a more gradual approach, with a focus on matching an organization’s “must-have” SDN capabilities with the goals of the specific initiative in process.

    Before I sign off for the week, I’d like to share a new blog post from Fiber Mountain VP of Marketing Bill Miller, where he draws on his experience in the networking industry to shed a little light on the potential future of the term “SDN.” Is SDN the Ethernet of the 80’s or ATM of the 90’s?

    Read it Now: Is SDN the Ethernet of the 80’s or ATM of the 90’s?



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