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    From Cloud Computing to the Space Station - News of the Week, 8/25/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Aug 25, 2017 8:39:59 AM
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    dreamstime_xxl_69082903_crop300.jpgOn-premises data centers aren’t so much dying as fading into the background – still around, but neither exciting nor high-priority for many organizations. As the Cloud boom continues, it’s interesting to see a new ecosystem developing around the range of off-premises computing services, from colocation space to SaaS and IaaS, and now marketplaces to help customers to find the right ecosystem vendor or supplier for their needs.

    And then there’s the International Space Station… which I think counts as the ultimate edge computing application, at least for now!

    Survey: On-Prem Data Centers Lowest Investment Priority for IT Shops 

    Data Center Knowledge | Christine Hall discusses the results from the recent IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks report from Computer Economics. While on-premises data centers are not necessarily shrinking or disappearing, the survey responses indicate that new investment is primarily going into the cloud. Spending on network infrastructure is expected to increase, just not in on-premises data centers.

    Inflect’s Infrastructure Marketplace Grows 

    TechCrunch | Frederic Lardinois shares news from a startup called Inflect, which is rapidly growing the number of service providers, data centers and network peering locations their customers will have access to. Inflect provides a marketplace for companies seeking detailed technical and pricing information about providers for their networking and co-location needs. Their rapid growth is a sign of robust supply and demand for these services, enough to support a middleman dedicated to connecting the two!

    Uptime in Space and Under the Sea 

    Data Center Knowledge | Mary Branscombe presents a fascinating piece on the computer equipment sent to the International Space Station in last week’s launch – commercial hardware straight from the factory, which hasn’t undergone the usual months-to-years-long hardening process. The goal is to see how well standard equipment fares in space, and whether equipment can be “hardened” via software when conditions require it. What about under the sea? Branscombe goes on to discuss Microsoft’s Project Natick, and how they tackle similar challenges.

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