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    From Cattle to Data Centers – IoT and the News of the Week, 9/23/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Sep 23, 2016 8:10:00 AM
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    Unsplash_AdamMorse_Cow_photo-crop.jpgWhat’s the least likely industry you can think of to be shaken up by digital transformation?

    It’s a difficult question to answer, because by definition those are the industries you just don’t think of in the same mental space as technological innovation. Consider cattle ranching and the Internet of Things (IoT). Combining the two is laughable at first – and then delightful when you see how it can really work!

    The lesson I see here is that digital disruption is not going to pass anyone by. Change is coming to every industry vertical, in every part of the world, and probably sooner than we expect. It’s up to us to embrace the potential opened up by new applications of technology.

    Got Milk? IoT and LoRaWAN modernize livestock monitoring 

    NetworkWorld | As you can probably tell from the introduction, this is my favorite article of the week. Deepak Puri explains how a startup called Cattle Traxx is building what I like to call the Internet of Cows. This IoT livestock monitoring solution uses “ruggedized sensors, LoRaWAN mesh networking, geofencing and cloud-based analytics” to revolutionize the way ranchers track and care for their herds. That’s what digital transformation is all about – using new technologies to solve old problems in effective ways!

    IoT in the Data Center: A Buzzword or the Real Thing? 

    Information Management | Jeff Klaus discusses IoT in a more familiar context – the data center. While IoT is certainly driving changes in the data center by increasing bandwidth demands, it is also providing some of the tools used to make data centers more dynamic. He notes the proliferation of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools with integrated sensors, which are used to keep the data centers which manage IoT traffic smoothly.

    2016 State of Digital Transformation 

    Huffington Post | Huffington Post is not where I generally go for technology news, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this piece by Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist of Salesforce. He interviewed Brian Solis about the newest report from Altimeter on the state of digital transformation in business today. Unexpected as the venue was, this is a solid article sharing some interesting insights into how business is pursuing digital transformation today.

    From livestock tracking to bridal gowns and beyond, digital transformation is showing up in a lot of surprising places - and I'm looking forward to many more. Let me know by email or in the comments below what digital innovations you've been most surprised by - or if there are any industries you expect to remain untouched.

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