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    Enterprise SDN, Cloud, Hybrid Networks - News of the Week, 5/27/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on May 27, 2016 10:00:00 AM
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    Find me on: week, our news roundup looked to the far future, examining developments in the physics of light and technology of fiber optics, advances that will start to bear fruit in the next couple of decades.

    This week, I’m bringing the focus back to the present, starting with a new study out from Viavi Solutions on the “State of the Network” based on responses from 740 enterprise network professionals. Keeping to the enterprise theme, check out what Arthur Cole has to say about the maturity of virtualization, and Jeremy Rossbach’s advice on how to keep SDN from “going bump in the night.” 

    State of the Network survey: Enterprises rapidly adopting SDN, cloud 

    RCR Wireless News | Kelly Hill shares some insights into the enterprise IT environment based on the new “State of the Network” report from Viavi Solutions. The report shows enterprises increasingly adopting aspects of SDN to support their data center, Cloud and hybrid implementations, in tandem with an unabated growth of current and anticipated bandwidth demands. For more detail, you can download the full report here.  

    Virtualization Hits the Enterprise Comfort Zone 

    IT Business Edge | Arthur Cole discusses the state of virtualization, starting with the latest report from Gartner that the server virtualization market is reaching its peak. Tying in a variety of observations, he reaches the conclusion that, mature or not, virtualization has “evolved from a risky, uncertain proposition to an accepted facet of the enterprise infrastructure.”

    SDN: Invisible things that go bump in the night 

    CA Technologies Blog | Jeremy Rossbach addresses the challenges of managing “hidden entities” such as virtual servers and software-defined networks, and touches on the evolving management strategies and solutions that provide visibility into SDN architectures.

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