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    Energy, Water and Data Centers – News of the Week, 4/28/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Apr 28, 2017 11:02:11 AM
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    INT16_1611023_Exhibitor_Co_Banners-CATCH-300x250.jpgFiber Mountain’s news this week is that we will be exhibiting in Booth #334 at Interop ITX in Las Vegas. Our CEO, M. H. Raza, will be speaking about Automating the Physical Layer on Wednesday, May 17th at 1:20pm. If you haven’t registered yet, use our discount code FIBER to get 15% off your conference pass. We’re looking forward to the show and planning an exciting announcement, so be sure to stay tuned!

    Moving on to more general industry news, this week I saw a cluster of data center articles popping up. Much as I enjoy reading about digital transformation, I never forget that infrastructure is a big part of that – especially the webscale and hyperscale data centers that make cloud computing possible.

    Sun, Wind & Sea: Apple Details Data Center Renewable Energy Initiatives 

    Datacenter Dynamics | Part of the uptick in data center articles crossing my path was due to Apple’s release of their Environmental Responsibility Report – it took some effort to pick only one of the articles on that topic, but Sebastian Moss does a great job of rolling it all up. The kicker, as he says, is that no matter how much renewable energy they source, data centers occasionally need their diesel-powered emergency back-up generators. Hopefully, advances in battery technology will eventually take their place!

    Google’s Data Center Raises the Stakes in SC ‘Water Wars’ 

    Mashable | Data centers draw huge amounts of power, but they also use a mind-boggling amount of water to cool their equipment. Even with a commitment to efficiency and environmental responsibility, Google’s data center in South Carolina is having a noticeable impact on the region’s water supplies, which are also strained by industry, corporate farms and residential growth. Maria Gallucci discusses the politics around Google’s recent request to add to their water use by drawing on aquifers as well as surface water – and the company’s efforts to find other ways around the problem.

    The New York Times to Replace Data Centers with Google Cloud, AWS 

    Data Center Knowledge | Hyperscale data centers are growing, both in number and in size, and this is part of why. Yevgeniy Sverdlik reports on another addition to the cloud bandwagon, as the New York Times plans to replace most of their owned data centers with a combination of Google Cloud Platform and AWS. This initiative will do more than just reduce their cost of ownership, however. The real goal is to build a more agile, more scalable and more robust network for their digital services.

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