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    Digital Transformation IS Business Transformation – News of the Week, 4/7/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Apr 7, 2017 10:31:11 AM
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    dreamstime_xl_40497182_resized.jpg“After all, digital transformation is in reality business transformation.” 

    This sentence from today’s first article is a beautiful illustration of why digital transformation is so challenging – and why it has such massive potential.

    Successful digital transformation must integrate technology innovations with business drivers and decision-making. It must also be integrated into long-term IT and business planning. And finally, it will affect every area of business operations (such as information security) with both intended and unintended consequences.

    Beware Your Digital Blind Spot 

    Linux.Sys-Con | Charles Araujo discusses the blind spots companies pursuing digital transformation tend to develop. New and exciting technologies may seem like the answer to industry disruption, but technological initiatives can’t deliver if their execution isn’t driven directly by business needs. He makes the point that IT can’t develop the connection between business value and technology in isolation – the rest of the leadership team needs to participate in developing their transformational strategies.

    Why Siemens is Investing $1B Per Year on Digital Transformation 

    CIO Dive | Justine Brown reports on a press release from Siemens, detailing how they have been preparing to thrive in the age of digital transformation with a decade (so far!) of investments in software companies, R&D, and digital services. Among other initiatives, they are betting heavily on their IoT operating system, MindSphere, to keep them going strong.

    Five Security Trends to Watch in Virtualization in 2017 

    Datacenter Dynamics | Vitaly Mzokov of Kaspersky Labs contributed this piece on security trends, highlighting one of the biggest technical challenges of digital transformation. Even if you let business needs and goals drive the development of technological innovation in both operations and service delivery, how do you make it secure? New technologies and new business processes alike run the risk of opening up unforeseen security holes, and security expertise is already in high demand.

    Fiber Mountain’s piece of the puzzle is our commitment to bringing software to the physical layer in order to create managed and dynamic infrastructures. We’ll be publishing more content on that topic soon, but in the meantime you can get a peek at how we do it in this video:

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