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    Day 4, Cisco Live! 2017 - The Wrap

    Posted by Bill Miller on Jun 30, 2017 10:11:30 AM
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    IMG_2664-400px.jpgDay 4 was the final day of our first ever Cisco Live! We had a great show, with many great conversations and new connections with existing and potential end users, resellers, partners and job hunters. Cisco Live is different from the smaller events we have participated in, such as the independent Interop ITX and ITExpo, and the analyst-focused Gartner Data Center Conference. Cisco Live! is a vendor-sponsored event, and focused on the Cisco ecosystem, but there is no doubt that many of the Cisco fans attending also use equipment from other vendors.

    Day 4 Survey Question

    Based on this concept, we introduced the question: “Do you have Cisco only or do you have a multivendor network?”

    Among our visitors, there was a split of 60% Cisco-only and 40% multivendor networks. One interesting answer, however, was: “All networks are multivendor – and anyone who says otherwise is fibbing!” This was from a Cisco network engineer, so I give this answer some extra weight!

    Our top takeaway from the responses? IT departments of enterprises clearly want to deploy the best tool for the job that removes as much pain as possible.

    Fiber Mountain in a Cisco network

    What Fiber Mountain delivers is unique in that we provide secure, managed and dynamic physical layer solutions that integrate nicely with Cisco networks. Quite frankly, however, most networking folks ignore the physical layer! As we met with attendees, they were excited to learn about transforming the physical layer into an integral network element providing security features, management of all their physical layer connection inventory, and dynamic control of connections via software.

    Imagine what your network could do, with the ability to control and “change” the physical fiber connectivity via software, with real-time documentation and logging of every physical and software-defined change.


    It has been a great week, and the Cisco Live! team did an awesome job organizing this massive event! We’re looking forward to continuing many of the conversations that began right here in our booth.

    We have also been extremely pleased to learn about the many new upgrades and applications in the enterprise that address each company’s Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives. (Click here to read our ebook: The Digital Transformation Road Trip)

    In case you missed it, we had a few product announcements this week in addition to our activities at the show. On Monday we announced 9 new models of the LS-2000 series, 2 new models of the AP-4300 OPX Layer 1 SDN Switches that support 25GB and 100 GB, and a new release of AllPath Director that supports all new models and features.

    Many thanks go out to our readers and supporters for subscribing and following Fiber Mountain! While this wraps up our trade show posts for the near future, we look forward to sharing our weekly news round-ups and upcoming announcements – and you are always invited to fill out our Contact form to start a more in-depth conversation about what Glass Core can do for your network.

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