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    Day 3, Cisco Live! 2017

    Posted by Bill Miller on Jun 29, 2017 9:54:17 AM
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    IMG_2678-300px.jpgDay 3 of Cisco Live is history! For Fiber Mountain, we continued to enjoy visits from decision makers and influencers who were eager to share their data center and structured cabling challenges.

    Wednesday also brought the Think Tank presentation “Digital Transformation from the Meeting Space to the White Space” from Yann Morvan, Legrand’s Director of Product Management and our partner. Yann presented how Legrand and Fiber Mountain have jointly positioned the Glass Core in the data center marketplace, delivering the managed and dynamic physical layer. This session was well attended and touched on some very strong points about the Glass Core being the key to Digital Transformation. 

    For those interested in learning more, there will be a joint webinar presented by Fiber Mountain and Legrand on July 20, 2017

    Toward the end of Day 3, many attendees were slowing down after long hours of conference sessions and World of Solutions exploration. I saw people sitting more frequently and taking breaks for longer periods, but it did not rain on anyone’s parade of excitement and enthusiasm for Cisco Live! In our booth, we continued to focus on educating our visitors how to simplify their network and deliver managed and dynamic layer 1 solutions.

    Day 3 Survey Question

    Wednesday’s survey question was: “What does Intent-based networking mean to you?” I wanted to use this question on day 3 of Cisco Live, because Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins’ keynote promoted Cisco’s ‘network intuitive’ - featuring intent-based networking infrastructure - as the next era of networking. Many people may consider this to be just another marketing program, but it seems to go deeper than buzzwords. CEO Robbins stated Cisco rewrote IOS to enable its command center and analytics platform, encrypted traffic analytics, and programmable switches. He asserts Cisco will build the secure, intelligent platform for businesses of the future. 

    After hearing this, we wanted to find out what attendees thought!

    Here is a sample of the responses from our booth visitors:

    • I have no clue what intent-based networking is (unexpected on day 3, but he was clear)
    • It means more network intelligence
    • It means content-based networking
    • It means the network will read your mind
    • It means the network will enable anything people want to do on the network
    • It means I have a lot more work to do
    • It means we will be spending a ton more money to upgrade my Cisco gear

    We really enjoyed having conversations with our visitors about Fiber Mountain’s Glass Core solutions, and before leaving to explore the World of Solutions further, they were always happy to share their perspectives. Since the topic of intent-based networking covers automation, policy enforcement, network intelligence and security among other things, we see synergies for Fiber Mountain’s managed and dynamic layer 1 solutions. We already work with Cisco today and the concepts for intent-based networking solutions could be integrated with the Glass Core in many applications.

    Day 3 Summary

    We are thrilled to be part of Cisco Live for the first time and again, want to thank Cisco for their exemplary hospitality. On Day 3, the weather continued to be hot, the booth visitors were just as hot and the excitement at the event is strong.

    Our team looks forward to Day 4, the final day of Cisco Live! Come visit us Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm in booth #423 – learn about the Glass Core and stay to discuss our new survey question!

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