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    Day 3 at Interop ITX 2017, the final day!!

    Posted by Bill Miller on May 19, 2017 9:43:20 AM
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    IMG_2598.jpgWe had an eventful week exhibiting at Interop ITX! After lots of great conversations, a well-attended presentation by our CEO M.H. Raza about “Automating the Physical Layer,” and a wealth of different answers to our survey questions, it’s time to travel home to Connecticut. First, though, here’s a roundup of day 3!

    For the final day, we asked a new survey question, “Does anyone in your organization talk to the physical infrastructure team? Why or why not?” Here are some highlights from the responses:

    • Everyone in our organization has expectations that we (the infrastructure team) will handle everything and just never ask us
    • No one on our (software development) team cares about hardware, we just assume “it’s always there when we need it”
    • People from every department talk to us (the infrastructure team) all the time about our physical infrastructure, but projects require filing out a formal project request to the program management office, which gets placed into the pipeline of projects, and eventually gets handled through normal day-to-day processes
    • Anything our leadership asks the physical infrastructure team about new technology gets addressed immediately, however, if anyone else asks anything, which is rare, it gets considered sometime down the line

    Overall, during our three days, we met and spoke with dozens of infrastructure professionals from various sized companies, many global, and learned first-hand how their companies are currently handling Digital Transformation and the emergence of new technologies. Each company is experiencing various levels of challenges, from the usual “same old” issues to demands on bandwidth, the difficulty of knowing what’s going on in their network infrastructure, security, and the frequent appearance out of nowhere of new cloud-based applications.

    We at Fiber Mountain hope you enjoyed our short daily summary and survey responses this week from Interop ITX, Las Vegas. Before you go, read about our new AP-4100 OPX Layer 1 SDN Switch family here and about our AllPath Director, APD, here. We will be announcing several new products over the next 90 days, so watch this space and thank you for your interest in Fiber Mountain!

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