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    Day 2, Cisco Live! 2017

    Posted by Bill Miller on Jun 28, 2017 10:05:34 AM
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    Booth-IMG_2675-300px.jpgTuesday was Day 2 of Cisco Live for Fiber Mountain and we continued to experience high levels of traffic, with many high value decision makers and influencers visiting our booth. One very interesting difference from most conferences I attend is that there are no titles on anyone’s show badges. This allows open conversations without people being pretentious. I think this is a very good idea.

    It’s always interesting to watch the various lead generation tactics other companies are using. For example, across from us one company uses a magician to attract passing attendees and scan their badges.

    I have seen this kind of approach many times over my career, but it’s not something I would use. Yes, they entertain booth visitors and produce a higher volume of scans. When following up after the show, however, typically the “leads” who only cared about the magic show or a free drawing for something unrelated are not viable prospects. After the show, sales personnel have to spend time weeding out those under-qualified scans (not even “C” leads in my opinion), when they could be focusing on prospects who are actually interested in the product or service, with a higher probability of closing a high-value deal.

    In our booth, we skip the gimmicks and focus on helping to educate visitors who are interested in how their networks can be simplified and improved using the Fiber Mountain Glass Core.

    Day 2 Discussions

    Although the traffic was lighter than on Monday, we had a steady stream of visitors who wanted to learn about “what are those blinky lights” and how we manage physical layer connectivity to make it managed, dynamic and secure! It’s fun to see visitors get excited about the possibilities when they learn how the software-managed LEDs on our Layer 1 OPX’s and Fiber Port Aggregators can be used to indicate port status on a source device or be applied to far more comprehensive use cases! Our message is simple: leveraging our SDN-based control of any physical layer device and any port from a central orchestration system (AllPath Director) simplifies optical networks.

    Day 2 Survey Question

    Tuesday’s survey question asked booth visitors about their preferred method to TAP their data center devices. The responses were:

    • SPAN Port
    • Passive Optical TAPs
    • Split Optical TAPs
    • No preference, it depends on department having the need

    The only thing that surprised me in these discussions was the fact that “No preference” was the overwhelming winner! This was surprising, considering most of the networking and physical infrastructure folks I know have a preferred TAP method rather than a “du jour” approach to troubleshooting.

    Day 2 Summary

    Monday brought some cool new opportunities to Fiber Mountain, and Tuesday continued that trend! While we’re talking with visitors and scanning badges in our own booth #423, elements of our Glass Core are also being privately sourced by Legrand and on display in their booth #1329, where they are also enjoying an active week so far.

    We look forward to Day 3 of Cisco Live! If you haven’t already, come visit us in booth #423 today from 10 am to 7 pm – you can answer our survey question and see the results of our discussions in tomorrow’s blog post.

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