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    Day 2 at Interop ITX 2017, top of the stretch!

    Posted by Bill Miller on May 18, 2017 2:11:56 PM
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    IMG_2611.jpgThe middle and longest day was filled with:

    Fiber Mountain sponsored an Interop ITX Theater presentation on Wednesday 5/17 delivered by M.H. Raza, Fiber Mountain CEO, entitled, “Automating the Physical Layer”. The audience was standing room only and several attendees came to our booth immediately after the presentation and learned more about the Glass Core.

    One small group of senior IT folks as they watched the demo and asked questions, got into a discussion about Digital Transformation (DX) because that was the survey question. It brings great satisfaction to hear comments that we at Fiber Mountain ourselves said, like “The entire concept of physical layer automation in itself is DX from the ground up!” You can read about Fiber Mountain’s perspective of DX in our eBook – click here to download the eBook and accompanying infographic.

    Overall, day 2 was the longest day of the event. It was an exhilarating and very successful day for our team and all of the prospects who spent time in our booth learning about our Glass Core solutions, including the new AP-4100 series Layer 1 OPX products and AllPath Director (APD) version 3.0 with its powerful audit trail and network documentation benefits.

    We continued day 2 with our survey question: “What does Digital Transformation (DX) mean to YOU? “ As we did Tuesday evening, we expected different answers to this question and we were not disappointed. Each response was unique and in some cases clever and straightforward. 

    Here are highlights of our individual responses from day 2:

    • DX means tracking new and emerging analytics across digital implementations from marketing to financial data. Faster, more powerful analytics are critical success factors in the future business success of many companies
    • DX means bringing in new technology that increases productivity and reduces the time it takes to perform very compute intensive tasks and process huge volumes of data faster. The real life example: a life sciences company deep in DX today, where they are very happy about their results to date 
    • DX means more web-based challenges, especially related to security for new and emerging applications
    • DX means new technology budgets are changing to bring in disruptive technology without disrupting the infrastructure
    • DX is the Fiber Management solution (this was mentioned by multiple booth attendees after seeing our demonstration)

    As you can see, day two continued to cement the idea that DX is evolving in its reality and realization by everyone involved and at this point means different things to different people. If you have any suggestions, ideas, tips and tricks, or comments please share with our readers. Tune in tomorrow for the responses to our new question for day 3, “Does anyone in your organization talk to the physical infrastructure team? Why or why not?” as part of my final Interop blog post, which will include a summary of the week!

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