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    Enterprise, we've got Data Center Transformation - News of the Week, 7-1-16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jul 1, 2016 10:38:26 AM
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    ADTRoadmapClip.jpgThis week, I’m pleased to share the Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap poster from Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx. Fiber Mountain is a sponsor, but I also love the way it ties in all the different elements and interdependencies that go into digital transformation, from DevOps to Enterprise Architecture to Customer Experience and APIs. Click here to download the full-sized PDF. 

    Moving on from Fiber Mountain news - I have three articles for you this week providing different views of data center transformation. Is the enterprise data center waning as hyperscales and public cloud ascend? Or will hybrid cloud – the optimization of combined cloud and private data center resources – lead to a new resurgence of enterprise-owned data centers? One thing is certain – the new generation of data center architectures, and components such as servers, are far more energy efficient than most of us realize yet. 

    Slow Waning of the Enterprise Data Center, in Numbers

    Data Center Knowledge | Yevgeniy Sverdlik shares the results of the Uptime Institute’s latest data center industry survey, in particular that IT budgets are flat and the shift to colocation and public cloud deployment is further along than expected. Whether the trend indicates an eventual decline of the enterprise data center in favor of cloud and colocation or a more nuanced redefinition of what makes up an enterprise network – it’s an interesting time for the industry!

    Why Amazon is Dead Wrong About Your Data Centers

    Fortune | Barb Darrow’s article argues for the latter – that enterprise will shift the “easy stuff” like email, web apps and non-sensitive applications to the cloud, while keeping strategic applications on equipment in internally owned and operated data centers. She features a conversation with Jason Forrester, who was formerly a global data center network manager at Apple and is now working with a startup called SnapRoute.

    While Fiber Mountain is bringing software control to the physical layer, SnapRoute is focused on applying SDN to the kind of white-box, commodity switch networks that hyperscales like Facebook have pioneered and shared via OCP - in essence, bringing hyperscale networking flexibility to the enterprise.

    Data Centers Continue to Proliferate While Their Energy Use Plateaus

    Berkeley Lab | Julie Chao summarizes a new report from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the results are encouraging! The last report, in 2008, indicated that electricity use by data centers was doubling every five years, but the current report shows that energy use plateaued in 2010 and is projected to maintain a low growth rate through 2020 even while the total server installed base increases by 40 percent.

    How is this possible? Once again, hyperscales are leading the way, pioneering more energy-efficient data center architectures and driving demand for energy efficiency in servers and other equipment. That means there is still room for lots of improvement in legacy enterprise data centers, and some dramatic OPEX savings as they upgrade old facilities.

    I don’t know about you, but I think the future of data centers looks bright – and exciting! Tune in next week for more industry news - for today, I wish our friends in Canada an awesome Canada Day, and our friends in the US a great Fourth of July weekend! 


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