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    Data Center Forecast: Cloudy – News of the Week, 8/26/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Aug 26, 2016 1:20:44 PM
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    Find me on: first time I heard about cloud computing, I wondered why anyone would ever want to trust all of their data and systems to a remote infrastructure owned by someone else. These days, however, cloud providers have built up impressive data centers and an even more impressive reputation for reliability and convenience, whether you’re a consumer using Gmail and Dropbox, a tech startup using AWS or Azure, or a Fortune 500 company developing a hybrid cloud infrastructure customized to serve all your business needs with speed and efficiency.

    This week’s articles all touch on that ongoing transition, from the old view of “why would anyone trust the cloud” to a new world where the cloud is just another option on the menu – and often a lower-risk option than building out your own data center!

    Hybrid Cloud: The Future of Infrastructure

    Compare the Cloud | David Grimes discusses some of the reasons that hybrid cloud is gaining ground over both on-premises and public cloud-based infrastructures. While he admits that there are companies that have business needs best served by exclusively implementing one method or the other, he builds a compelling explanation for why a hybrid of the two is best for the majority of organizations. The way I see it, being able to pick and choose from the vast array of elements offered by both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures makes “hybrid” a much bigger category to begin with!

    Shift: Public Cloud Considered More Secure than Corporate Data Centers

    ZDNet | Jow McKendrick shares the results of a recent survey conducted by SADA Systems of IT executives. While he notes that SADA specialized in cloud migrations, he also refers to outside indicators that confidence in the security of the cloud is a real and growing trend. It’s an interesting observation, even if I remain skeptical that IT execs are really *more* confident in the cloud than in their own data centers.

    On the Transition from Traditional Networking to the Cloud

    WinBeta | Michael Cottuli reports on a recent Q&A session with Microsoft Principle Network Architect David Lef, talking about Microsoft’s switch to an entirely wireless network on campus, and their ongoing “cloud-first” strategy. Efficiency, flexibility and constant connectivity appear to be the primary goals.

    What do you think? How have your attitudes toward cloud solutions changed over the past few years, and how do you think the industry will evolve next? Use the comments form below, or send me an email!

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