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    Cities, Hospitals and Digital Transformation – News of the Week, 5/5/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on May 5, 2017 10:39:13 AM
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    dreamstime_xxl_69082903_crop300.jpgDigital Transformation – on one hand, it feels like yet another marketing buzz phrase. But on the other hand, it takes exactly that kind of broad concept to describe the forces driving everything from city-wide fiber optic projects, to hospitals pushing the cutting edges of networking and virtualization, to enterprise-level initiatives to create competitive advantage out of technological innovation.

    The first two articles this week don’t mention digital transformation at all, but they exemplify the kind of “real” digital transformation we’re all looking for – which is what the third article is all about.

    Mayor’s Proposed Budget to Fund City-Wide Fiber Internet Project 

    Insider Louisville | A few weeks ago, I shared an article about Bloomington, IN’s efforts to upgrade the entire city’s data infrastructure with fiber optics. This week, Caitlin Bowling shares remarkably similar news out of Louisville, KY. Assisted in part by a state-led venture called KentuckyWired, the Mayor proposes an investment in laying fiber optic cables across the whole county! The project is designed to prioritize digital inclusion for the entire community, and complements the new “Gigabit Experience Center” dedicated to giving citizens access to high-speed internet connections for digital training and entrepreneurship.

    Hospital Uses Healthcare Virtualization to Transform Digital Strategy 

    SearchHealthIT | When you’re building the largest single-site hospital in the country, you face a lot of challenges regarding distance, convenience, and networking. Kristen Lee shares some of the digital strategies Parkland Health & Hospital System of Dallas used in building a 2.5 billion square-foot hospital campus that will empower healthcare providers and serve patients for the next 60 years. One innovation is a roaming desktop profiles, created using several VMware solutions. This system allows each doctor and nurse to spend more time treating patients and less time logging in and out of the computer system as they move across the hospital.

    3 Telltale Signs it’s a Real Digital Transformation

    Network World | Charles Araujo shares his frustration regarding empty “digital transformation” that’s presented as just another project for sale – and goes on to identify what he sees as the three key themes of truly transformative initiatives. It all boils down to focusing on the problems being solved and letting the solution drive the technology choices and implementation, rather than letting a shiny new technology drive the project. In the enterprise, it pays to remember that digital transformation is business transformation.

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