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    Can you Spot the Digital Transformation? – News of the Week, 7/28/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jul 28, 2017 9:34:38 AM
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    dreamstime_xxl_69082903_crop300.jpgDigital transformation is starting to transform from a buzz phrase into an expected part of everyday life, from enterprise boardrooms to sports teams to city infrastructure. Even when the phrase “digital transformation” is absent, the influence of its disruption and potential is easy to spot.

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    New Corporate Titans are Rising Faster than Ever, but they’re Also Fading Faster 

    ReCode | Eric Kutcher and Kara Sprague identify seven vital forces that companies must master in order to survive in the current era of digital transformation and compressed corporate lifecycles. You’ll have to click through to read the details, but the seven forces to master are: Network Effects, Audience, Software, As-a-Service, Data, Mobility and Cyber Security.

    What Theo Epstein can Teach Enterprises about Digital Transformation 

    CIO Dive | Megan Walsh shares some insights into how to manage transformation, based on the incongruous example of Theo Epstein and his successes with the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs. Why? Because he provides an excellent role model for the process of executing a strategic shift across many different parts of an organization, spanning several years and requiring buy-in from all levels. Oh, and he also leveraged technology – as a piece of the solution, rather than as the driving motivation!

    Downtown Kiosks to Offer Free Wi-Fi, Directions 

    San Antonio Express-News | Jacob Beltran illustrates how wide-ranging the digital transformation trend is, without mentioning the phrase once. The new kiosks being installed in San Antonio will offer Wi-Fi, directions and additional functions through 55” touch screens. This pilot involves only a handful of kiosks downtown, but if it’s successful that number is sure to increase.

    Digital transformation is already affecting a mind-boggling range of industries and aspects of everyday life. The pace of change is putting pressure on data center operators, and as that pace accelerates they will need new innovations at every layer of the network – including the connections and cables that make up layer 1. Watch our joint webinar with Legrand to learn more about this Managed & Dynamic Connectivity!

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