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    Building Networks to Withstand IoT - News of the Week, 3/25/16

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Mar 25, 2016 3:01:01 PM
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    Find me on: was a lot of Google news in the past few days, but even though I’m a huge fan, I see another pattern in the articles we shared this week that is more interesting. Specifically, the demand that the Internet of Things (IoT) places on networks everywhere is huge and growing – and is going to require new approaches to infrastructure. What’s the ideal approach? Well, that’s a question that different vendors and analysts are still weighing in on.

    IoT Demands a Shift from Centralized to Stratified Data Centers

    Data Center Knowledge | Karen Riccio spoke with Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters about how to address the network bottlenecks caused by unpredictable surges in traffic – say, when everyone gets online to binge-watch the new season of House of Cards, or when all of the connected devices in a city are trying to report their status across the same central network at once. Crosby argues that a long-term shift from centralized data centers to smaller, more localized “edge facilities.”

    Modular data center startup gets funding

    NetworkWorld | Patrick Nelson covers the announcement from startup Keystone NAP and shares some thoughts on the rise of modular data centers. Pre-configured containers can be installed easily into colocation spaces, customized for each colocation customer. Reading this after Karen Riccio’s piece, however, it seems to me that modular data centers also have a lot of potential for enabling the shift to “edge facilities” dedicated not only to geographic areas but to specific sources of network demand like IoT.

    How the Software-Defined Data Center Helps Companies Effectively Leverage the Cloud

    Talkin’ Cloud | This guest piece by VMware’s Ajay Patel is understandably focused on VMware solutions, but also addresses some more general observations of the growth of the software defined data center, or SDDC. Not too long ago, SDDC looked like just another empty “software-defined” marketing term, but today a software-defined approach to data center infrastructure and management provides another way of addressing the problem of traffic spikes and bottlenecks – via visibility, flexibility and control rather than physical stratification. 

    Fiber Mountain’s approach to the problem of adapting to changing network needs is to bring virtualization and software control to layer 1 switching. Glass Core networking and infrastructure introduces real-time visibility and control of the physical layer of the network, opening up a wide range of use cases for network architects to improve performance and security.

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