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    Bill Miller

    Bill Miller is VP of Marketing at Fiber Mountain. Bill brings over 25 years of marketing experience in the networking space to the team, including data, voice, and security. Bill has previously held executive positions at FreedomVoice, ADC Telecommunications, Digium, 3Com, Fujitsu, General DataComm, and Rockwell International.
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    Innovation in the Physical Infrastructure

    Posted by Bill Miller on Apr 3, 2019 3:19:30 PM

    Fiber Mountain is returning for our 2nd eMerge Americas/Cyxtera event April 29-30 in Miami. In 2018, we found this event to be an excellent cross section of attendees and quality programs complemented by the top-notch hospitality of the eMerge Americas and Cyxtera teams. The Miami economy is booming from startups to technology advancements in both education and business. We at Fiber Mountain are proud to take part in this event!

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    Day 4, Cisco Live! 2017 - The Wrap

    Posted by Bill Miller on Jun 30, 2017 9:11:30 AM

    Day 4 was the final day of our first ever Cisco Live! We had a great show, with many great conversations and new connections with existing and potential end users, resellers, partners and job hunters. Cisco Live is different from the smaller events we have participated in, such as the independent Interop ITX and ITExpo, and the analyst-focused Gartner Data Center Conference. Cisco Live! is a vendor-sponsored event, and focused on the Cisco ecosystem, but there is no doubt that many of the Cisco fans attending also use equipment from other vendors.

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    Day 3, Cisco Live! 2017

    Posted by Bill Miller on Jun 29, 2017 8:54:17 AM

    Day 3 of Cisco Live is history! For Fiber Mountain, we continued to enjoy visits from decision makers and influencers who were eager to share their data center and structured cabling challenges.

    Wednesday also brought the Think Tank presentation “Digital Transformation from the Meeting Space to the White Space” from Yann Morvan, Legrand’s Director of Product Management and our partner. Yann presented how Legrand and Fiber Mountain have jointly positioned the Glass Core in the data center marketplace, delivering the managed and dynamic physical layer. This session was well attended and touched on some very strong points about the Glass Core being the key to Digital Transformation. 

    For those interested in learning more, there will be a joint webinar presented by Fiber Mountain and Legrand on July 20, 2017

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    Day 2, Cisco Live! 2017

    Posted by Bill Miller on Jun 28, 2017 9:05:34 AM

    Tuesday was Day 2 of Cisco Live for Fiber Mountain and we continued to experience high levels of traffic, with many high value decision makers and influencers visiting our booth. One very interesting difference from most conferences I attend is that there are no titles on anyone’s show badges. This allows open conversations without people being pretentious. I think this is a very good idea.

    It’s always interesting to watch the various lead generation tactics other companies are using. For example, across from us one company uses a magician to attract passing attendees and scan their badges.

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    Day 1, Cisco Live! 2017

    Posted by Bill Miller on Jun 27, 2017 8:40:21 AM

    Fiber Mountain is exhibiting at Cisco Live! In Las Vegas for the first time ever! Our first day was hugely successful from just about any perspective – from quantity and quality of booth visitors to successful meetings with customers.

    In 2016, we introduced to market the LS-2520 QSFP Breakout for the Cisco NCS 1002. This product was the lynchpin of a whole new product family for Fiber Mountain, the LS-Series of breakout boxes for single mode and multimode fiber networks.

    This product combination was front and center in our booth today generating interest from end users, resellers, and Cisco itself. We have several follow-up meetings scheduled, which delighted our team.

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    Day 3 at Interop ITX 2017, the final day!!

    Posted by Bill Miller on May 19, 2017 8:43:20 AM

    We had an eventful week exhibiting at Interop ITX! After lots of great conversations, a well-attended presentation by our CEO M.H. Raza about “Automating the Physical Layer,” and a wealth of different answers to our survey questions, it’s time to travel home to Connecticut. First, though, here’s a roundup of day 3!

    For the final day, we asked a new survey question, “Does anyone in your organization talk to the physical infrastructure team? Why or why not?” Here are some highlights from the responses:

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    Day 2 at Interop ITX 2017, top of the stretch!

    Posted by Bill Miller on May 18, 2017 1:11:56 PM

    The middle and longest day was filled with:

    Fiber Mountain sponsored an Interop ITX Theater presentation on Wednesday 5/17 delivered by M.H. Raza, Fiber Mountain CEO, entitled, “Automating the Physical Layer”. The audience was standing room only and several attendees came to our booth immediately after the presentation and learned more about the Glass Core.

    One small group of senior IT folks as they watched the demo and asked questions, got into a discussion about Digital Transformation (DX) because that was the survey question. It brings great satisfaction to hear comments that we at Fiber Mountain ourselves said, like “The entire concept of physical layer automation in itself is DX from the ground up!” You can read about Fiber Mountain’s perspective of DX in our eBook – click here to download the eBook and accompanying infographic.

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    …and We’re off, at Interop ITX 2017!

    Posted by Bill Miller on May 17, 2017 2:59:47 PM

    We are back in Las Vegas, this time at Interop ITX 2017, the rejuvenated version of Interop. As I have written in the past, Interop has a long history back to the mid-1980’s and has reinvented itself many times. Interop ITX 2017 is the newest edition, with only paid attendees and no more free passes to the expo floor. UBM, the owner of Interop, intends to increase the quality of attendees, sessions and leads for exhibitors and sponsors.

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    Day 3: ITEXPO 2017 – What’s hot and what is keeping people up at night? Final thoughts and $100 Amazon Gift Card Winner

    Posted by Bill Miller on Feb 13, 2017 2:43:18 PM

    Friday was the third and final day of ITEXPO 2017 and our third survey question, “What is the top priority for your network for 2017?” Our booth saw good traffic for the final day as we discussed this question with a few enthusiastic customers! As we all know, there are always many initiatives and there can only be one "priority one"!

    As with the first two days, the mixed audience shared a variety of top priorities. All of the answers were different except for one exception; several of our visitors listed Disaster Recovery, or DR.

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    Day 2: ITEXPO 2017 – What’s hot and what is keeping people up at night?

    Posted by Bill Miller on Feb 10, 2017 5:45:51 PM

    Thursday was the second day of ITEXPO and our second survey question, “What causes the most chaos in your network?” The second part of the question was: "Is the problem addressed inside or outsourced to a trusted advisor?" Sometimes the discussion never got to the second part of the question, but we had some energetic discussions since everyone has a story! At an independent business IT conference such as ITEXPO, the audience mix is always very interesting as the views of each individual are so unique.

    The most surprising response came from a consultant who is looking for new gigs (i.e. customers) who felt that the answer to the question is “customers, because they don’t know what they are talking about and are clueless with regards to new technology!” How ironic! In his case, customers who contract with him do so to outsource the problem resolution because they don’t have the skills or experience to fix the chaos! Sounds like the right thing to do and a good business decision.

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