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    A Foggy Future for the Edge - News of the Week, 7/7/14

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jul 7, 2017 8:07:00 AM
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    dreamstime_xxl_17265038_300px.jpgWhile a lot of the articles featured here have to do with massive centralized cloud and colocation data centers, there’s also a need for compute power closer to the user. This “edge” covers a lot of ground – from the idea of a mini data center on every street corner providing real-time compute power for driverless cars, to full sized data centers built in underserved countries to address the problem of transcontinental lag.

    Fog Computing May be IoT’s Computational Model 

    Network World | Steven Max Patterson discusses the key role fog computing (and fog networking – though I’m a bit foggy on what the difference is) will play in the evolution of IoT. While smart lightbulbs may not need much compute power, and Alexa doesn’t need ultra-low latency, new developments like self-driving cars are going to make powerful edge networks into a necessity. Fog computing is the missing piece to ensure effective performance in a network of edge data centers, in addition to the more distant hyperscale Cloud data centers.

    Vapor IO to Sell Data Center Colocation Services at Cell Towers 

    Data Center Knowledge | Yevgeniy Sverdlik reports on a company planning to supply those ubiquitous edge data centers of the near future. Vapor IO is known for their cylindrical data center enclosures, each of which contains six racks. A hardened version of that design will be deployed to cell phone towers, based on demand, to provide colocation data center space almost anywhere.

    Dropbox Revamps Edge Network to Speed up File Access, Syncing 

    Techspot | There are all kinds of edges. Rather than super-local mini data centers, Dropbox’s recent infrastructure initiative was focused on bringing sizeable POPs closer to their International clients. With 75% of their customer base outside the US, having all of their data center capacity within the US was causing a lot of lag for a lot of customers. Now, European users are getting 40% faster download speeds, and Japanese users are enjoying a 200% increase!

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