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    2017 – a year of Digital Transformation? News of the Week, 1/6/17

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Jan 6, 2017 10:30:06 AM
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    Cloud New Year!

    How could I pass up the opportunity to fill this week’s social media schedule with predictions for 2017? I enjoyed reading predictions about Data Centers, IoT, Cloud, SD-WAN and more, but they were outnumbered – by a lot – by the articles dedicated to digital transformation in the year to come. We also had peek into Fiber Mountain’s near future, with a Q&A between TMC’s Maurice Nagle and Fiber Mountain’s Bill Miller about the upcoming ITEXPO, and what Bill sees as the key trends to watch.

    3 Digital Transformation Trends for UK Businesses 

    Information Age | Mark Corley’s predictions may be targeted at UK businesses, but they’re applicable globally. From “Beyond Pokemon” to “Digital ethics”, his writing style has the added benefit of making reading about these trends fun as well as informative!

    Also from Information Age, you might enjoy Ben Rossi’s 10 Predictions for Digital Transformation in 2017.

    Cloud in 2017 – It Might Get Bumpy 

    The Whir | Of course, one of the key elements of many digital transformations is the cloud, and the growing number of functions that can be served by cloud resources and services. Bill Kleyman shares some predictions for the pitfalls facing cloud implementations in 2017, and a few pieces of advice for navigating to success. In a nutshell: “Cloud will be great; and dangerous.”

    2017 Predictions: M&A, NFV, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi and IoT Set to Shine 

    RCR Wireless News | Chris Haddock of OpenCloud offers up a more wide-ranging set of tech predictions for 2017. The title gives a good summary of what’s in the tin, but it’s still worth clicking through to get his commentary on why each of these areas is likely to be influential in the year to come.

    This week also saw the launch of our new 6-part series on digital transformation – The Digital Transformation Road Trip. If you want to receive each installment as it’s published, use the button below to get our updates email!

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