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    2015 - Looking back at the year

    Posted by Anthea Strezze on Dec 31, 2015 11:53:14 AM
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    Cloud_10-Tagul.comThe turn of the calendar always brings a flood of both retrospectives on the year past and predictions for the year ahead. Because I love both, this week’s post is a day early – it seemed appropriate to share some interesting reviews of 2015 on the last day of the year. On Monday, you can look forward to a roundup of interesting predictions in data centers, cloud, storage and big data, to start the first week of the year off with a bang!

    2015: A Cloud Security Wake Up Call

    SDxCentral | Scott Raynovich reviews the cloud security breaches of 2015 and discusses some of the options the industry has for improving security in the future. There’s no reason to expect the barrage of attacks to ease off, so providers need to come up with solutions that keep up with both the booming expansion of cloud offerings and the proliferation of “bad guys” looking to take advantage of insufficient protections and the intrinsically limited response time of human administrators.

    2015: The year storage was rocked to its foundations

    The Register | "It was a bewildering year, with rampaging and revolutionary activity at all levels of the industry.” That’s how The Register’s Wireless Watch starts off the first in a three-part series on the dramatic shifts and developments the storage market experienced in 2015. It’s an interesting read, as are parts 2 and 3.

    8 Things I Learned About SDx in 2015

    SDxCentral | I didn’t realize until writing this up that I had two articles in the list from Scott Raynovich – but I stand by my choices. The Rayno Report was always a great source of industry news, and joining forces with SDxCentral has not changed that one bit! His “8 things” in this article provide a nice high-level view, including perspectives on SDx, NFV, cloud security, Cisco, carriers, optical switching – and shipping giraffes.

    20 years ago: Hot sci/tech images from 1995

    NetworkWorld | Michael Cooney closes out 2015 with a fun look back at the hottest science and technology images from twenty years ago. Do you remember how cool that Enterprise telephone looked in 1995?

    What are your thoughts on the trends that shaped 2015? Share your comments below, or use the big blue button to contact the Fiber Mountain team directly – and a very happy New Year to all of you, from all of us!


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